Mobile Ads is an innovative approach to advertising in the new age. By displaying video ads and interactive wallpaper ads on a user’s mobile phone, this first of its kind technology helps to connect brands with a targeted and relevant audience at moments that matter the most.

For advertisers, Mobile Ads offers easy, effective and affordable ad campaign solutions that help advertisers reach their target audience on the go and at specific times and budgets defined by them. Once initiated, advertisers can keep up to date on the performance of their campaign with the real-time reporting and analytic tools available. Mobile Ads’s incentivized approach to advertising rewards Mobile Ads android app users with certain cash incentives for engaging in each ad displayed on their phones. Users can use their facebook login credentials to use the app or sign up using a simple form.

Mobile Ads is heavily focused on offering advertisers with a high degree of audience relevancy and time based ad broadcasting solutions. On the other hand, the rewards provided to app users and our continuous promotion of the Mobile Ads app ensures that the number of downloads and active users are ever growing.

Create An Impact

Engage your audience with short and meaningful video ads that are played on each incoming call. Or simply disply your ads as interactive wallpapers. Or better still, why not broadcast you ads at the time of your choosing

Customize Your Campaign

Mobile Ads is focused on connecting your brand with a relevant audience at moments that matter. With our completely customizable campaign solutions, you can choose and pin point your target audience and set the exact time your ads are displayed. All this for a budget that you decide!

Pay Per Impression

With Mobile Ads, you only pay for each impression made. For On CallVide Ads, an impression is made when your audience watches your ad for at least 6 seconds and answers the call. For interactive Wallpaper Ads, an impression is made each time your audience unlocks the phone.